Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Sigma Discount Code for September 2013

We are getting closer to the end of 2013, is it me or did this year just fly by?! Sigma Beauty has a new discount code for September - LJW2013. You can use this code to buy some new brushes, makeup and brow products, or items to clean and maintain your brushes.

In my last order I received the mini spa glove and my free gift with $30 or more purchase, so I am very tempted to purchase the full size Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove. The mini spa glove made cleaning my brushes so much easier and quicker! Then I used my Sigma Dry'n Shape to dry my brushes.

You can now purchase brushes from the Extravaganza Complete Kit individually, which they sell currently - but these have the gold ferrules.

I love all of my Sigma items, I am never disappointed with anything I have purchased from them over the last 3 years. Let me know what you love from Sigma!

Until next time XO

Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Sigma Discount Code for August 2013

Where did July go??? I feel like July just began and we were popping fireworks for the 4th and now its time to get my kids ready for school. Well a new month brings a new discount code from Sigma Beauty - MNSF2013.

Sigma has released a line of extended wear eyeliners that are sold individually and in sets with a coordinating brush, and they have also released a pair of tweezers to go along with their growing line of brow products.

The extended wear eyeliners come in 9 gorgeous shades for $9 each:
These same liners can be purchased in 3 sets for $33 and you get a brush:

  • Focus
  • Electrify
  • Flirt
  • E30 Pencil Brush
  • Boost
  • Balance
  • Enlighten
  • E21 Smudge Brush
  • Declare
  • Downplay
  • Drift
  • E20 Short Shader Brush
I have not tried these eyeliners, but I would like to try Balance, Flirt and Focus. I have been very happy with my previous Sigma Beauty makeup products. Have you tried these? What are your favorite Sigma Beauty products?

Until next time XO

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Christmas in July: 20% off Sigma Beauty and Haul!

Sigma Beauty has given their affiliates a special 20% off discount code to share with their followers and a bonafide user of Sigma products I am sharing this code with you. The code is SBAP20 and will be valid for one week, starting tomorrow July 22nd at midnight (CST) and ending Monday, July 29th at midnight (CST).

I recently order some Sigma Products and thought this would be a great opportunity to share my thoughts on my order. First off, the free gift with $30 or more purchase is great! I have enough travel E25, E05 and eyeshadow samples - the free gift this month is a mini Spa Glove in one of four colors. I was super excited about this since I have been contemplating purchasing the Spa Brush Cleaning Glove.

Sigma recently started selling their Performance Eyes Kit individually, so I picked up 3 brushes from the set: E21, E46, and E56

The E21 (Smudge Brush) is the little sister of the E20 (Short Shader). The E20 has always been my favorite brush for smudging liner or shadow onto the lid or lower lash line, but the E21 has replaced it for the lower lash line. This brush is amazing for smudging!

The E46 (Shader - Inner Corner) and E56 (Shader - Lid) have been a disappointment, unless I just don't fully understand how these are supposed to work. I have tried these brushes for the last two weeks and not been satisfied with the results. I do not have super small eyes, but they are not big, so I thought these would be great - no they are not. But who knows, I may figure these out and love them one day.

The last brushes I picked up were just extras, an E35 and E40 - both Tapered Blending brushes. I use these brushes daily, so its nice to have extras.

The last item I picked up is the Brow Kit Value Set in Medium, they have four shades/sets to choose from. The set includes 5 essentials for flawless brows, at a great price point. For $48 ($60 value) you will get the following:
I have been very happy with all of my Sigma products, if I wasn't I would not continue to purchase or endorse the brand. I hope you take advantage of the 20% off sale, they have some great makeup, brow and brush products!

Until next time XO