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Review: INGLOT Palette #1

For over a year I have wanted to try INGLOT, however there is no store or counter near me and I was not going to be near one anytime soon... so I ordered from their website. After countless swatch reviews online, thanks Temptalia, I made a decision and ordered a 10 pan palette along with 10 shadows - mostly neutrals.

Like most, I discovered INGLOT through the YouTube beauty community and fell in love, obsessing over them for a year or so. INGLOT is most famous for their Freedom System, which is pretty much a build your own palette system, from eyeshadow to blush, to press powders to lipstick, they have a palette for you to build. They even have combo palettes, three eyeshadows and a blush, two eyeshadow, one blush and press powder, etc. 

INGLOT is a Polish company and have many locations worldwide, click here to find a location near you, however in the US there are 10 Macy's that have an INGLOT counter and free standing stores in New York, New Jersey, Las Vegas, California and Miami, Florida. I really wish they would put one in a Macy's anywhere near me!

There are five finishes to their eyeshadows, AMC (Advanced Makeup Component), AMC Shine, D.S. (Double Sparkle), Matte and Pearl. Most people compare INGLOT to MAC, and you can, but I don't. This palette includes mattes, pearls and one AMC. 

The prices have changed a few times since I started my obsession with INGLOT. Today a 10 pan palette will run you $16 and each pan is $6, a full palette costing you $76 - free shipping. 

My MAC palettes, yes I say palettes because I have 5 FULL palettes, and they cost well over $76. The MAC pro palettes are now $16 (used to be $14 or $15) and hold 15 pans. The pro pans are now $12 each (used to be $11). So, each of my palettes cost me a scary $180 each. Ouch! Two of my INGLOT palettes cost less than one MAC!

Product Size
MAC and Urban Decay single eyeshadows contain 1.3 to 1.5 grams depending on finish. INGLOT range from 2.3 to 2.7 grams depending on finish. You definitely get a lot of product for your money. Urban Decay single eyeshadows are $19 each and MAC are $12 (pan) to $15 (potted singles) each.

The pros... customizable, a lot of product for the money, blend easy, long lasting, durable packaging, paraben free, no animal testing, string magnetic slots and cost.

The cons... online site is hard to shop from (no real swatch or description of color), time to ship and receive (took almost 3 weeks) and for me I was sent a wrong shade. The shade I ordered was a brown and they sent me a bright purple, the plus is they sent me the right color and let me keep the purple (even though I will probably never wear it). 

To some this is a con, but to me I don't care... the shades are numbered and not named. For example, instead of Naked Lunch it is Pearl 395 - it is number and finish. This to me makes no difference and I honesty don't understand some peoples genuine frustration over this. Also, make sure to write down your shade numbers, once they are in it is hard to get them out without damaging the product (it's not impossible).

Warning: I suck at color descriptions, so please for give me - thanks!

Top Row L-R: P419 and M358
Bottom Row L-R: P422 and P423
Top Row L-R: P419, M358, P420, P434, AMC 65
Bottom Row L-R: P422, P423, M363, M390, P395
Top Row L-R: P420, P434, AMC 65
Bottom Row L-R: M363, M390, P395
Top to Bottom: AMC 65, P434, P420, M358, P419
Top to Bottom: P395, M390, M363, P423, P422
  • Pearl 395 - metallic finish, cool tone champagne
  • Matte 390 - matte flesh/light brown
  • Matte 363 - matte cool tone, medium brown
  • Pearl 423 - metallic purple tone, brown (similar to MAC Twinks)
  • Pearl 422 - metallic warm medium brown
  • AMC 65 - matte black with multi-color fine glitter (what MAC Black Tide wishes it could be)
  • Pearl 434 - metallic medium grey
  • Pearl 420 - metallic purple tone grey
  • Matte 358 - matte cool grey (similar to MAC Scene)
  • Pearl 419 - metallic olive green (similar to MAC Sumptuous Olive)
This palette contains some of my favorite shades that have become some go to colors for almost any look I do. One of those go to colors is P395, it is an amazing inner corner highlight that brightens and opens your eyes up! It is like Urban Decay Virgin's better version. Some other are P423, P422 and M390. The colors in this palette are great, I could literally take this palette on vacation and have everything I need for a bunch of looks.

Have you tried INGLOT? What shades did you pick up or want to get? What are your thoughts on the brand? What products have you tried, want to try or recommend? 

Until next time XOXO

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