Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review: INGLOT Blush Palette

So he final installment in my INGLOT series is my blush palette. The Freedom System blush palette is the same size and functionality as the 10 pan eyeshadow palette and the palette itself is the same price, $16. The Freedom System blushes are $10 each for 6 grams of product. The entire palette costs $56, which to me is a steal!

The blushes on the palette are not broken down into finishes, but they do come in shimmer and matte finishes. I picked up four blushes to complete my palette and I could not be happier. They are very pigmented, so a light hand is needed, and they wear all day with minimal fading.

So here is my blush palette!
L-R: 29, 34, 28, 57 
L - R: 28 and 57
L-R: 29 and 34
Top to Bottom: 57, 28, 34, 29

  • 29 - matte, bright cantaloupe
  • 34 - shimmer, light peachy coral
  • 28 - matte rose
  • 57 - shimmer, plum rose
I use the blushes almost daily, they are gorgeous and make my skin look glowy. The only one that I do not use all that frequently is number 29, its a very summer color and needs an extremely light hand for application. I would love to try more of these, but since the website does not have the best swatches and my google search does not return a lot I will wait until I can visit an INGLOT store.

Have you tried or do you own any INGLOT blushes? I would love to know your favorite or which ones to check out.

Until next time XOXO

Review: INGLOT Palette # 3

Now for the third and final INGLOT eyeshadow palette installment, I have previously reviewed and swatched my first and second palette.

This third palette has more vibrate, colorful eyeshadows than my previous neutral based palettes. I am loving INGLOT and already have colors picked for another palette. 

This palette features two finishes in addition to my normal pearl and matted finishes. I have added an AMC Shine and a Double Sparkle. The AMC Shine gives off more of a sheen or glow effect. The Double Sparkle is more of a matte with sparkle, although the sparkle does not show too much and the color is softer.

So here is palette number three!
Top L-R: P414, P418 M337, P397, AMC S7
Bottom: L-R: P428, P446, DS 465, M349, M351
Top L-R: P414, P418, M337
Bottom L-R: P428, P446, DS 465
Top L-R: M337, P397, AMC S7
Bottom L-R: DS 465, M349, M351 
Top to Bottom: AMC S7, P397, M337, P418, P414
Top to Bottom: M351, M349, DS 465, P446, P428

  • Pearl 414 - metallic blackened green with a sheen
  • Pearl 418 - metallic golden green
  • Matte 337 - soft brown
  • Pearl 397 - metallic champagne
  • AMC Shine 7 - shimmering gold with a sheen
  • Pearl 428 - metallic true blue
  • Pearl 446 - metallic dark purple
  • Double Sparkle 465 - matte purplish brown with golden glitter 
  • Matte 349 - brownish grey
  • Matte 351 - soft off white
I have not used all of the colors in this palette yet, but I have used three or four of the colors on a regular basis. I am loving M337 (great for the crease or upper brow), P397 (great for lid, similar to Urban Decay Sin) and AMC S7 (great for the lid or inner corner).

I am loving the AMC Shine shadow I have, so I am definitely going to pick up some more or these in the future.

Until next time XOXO

Review: INGLOT Palette #2

So I am back with the second installment of my INGLOT palettes, if you missed my first palette  and INGLOT overview you can click here. I finally got around to swatching and photographing my palettes.

This palette is probably my favorite out of the three eyeshadow palettes.

This palette is a mix of matte and pearl finishes, which are my favorite of this brand. If you have never tried INGLOT, I highly suggest you give them a try... you will not be disappointed. These palettes have become my most used, above MAC and Urban Decay. I love that you can build your own with colors that suit you and not what some company thinks people want or need. Not to mention it is friendly to your wallet!

So here is my palette:
Top L-R: P444, P399, P402, P409, M360
Botton L-R: P433, M342, M357, M328, P 393
Top L-R: P402, P409, M360
Bottom L-R: M357, M328, P393
Top L-R: P444, P399, P402
Bottom L-R: P433, M342, M357
Top to Bottom: M360, P409, P402, P399, P444
Top to Bottom: P393, M328, M357, M342, P433

  • Pearl 444 - metallic dark blue grey
  • Pearl 399 - metallic lilac
  • Pearl 402 - metallic taupe
  • Pearl 409 - metallic golden brown
  • Matte 360 - warm purple based brown
  • Pearl 433 - metallic antique gold
  • Matte 342 - warm medium brown
  • Matte 357 - warm red based brown
  • Matte 328 - light peach
  • Pearl 393 - metallic peach
Some of my absolute favorite colors in this palette, that I reach for all of the time, are Pearl 393 (great for highlighting), Pearl 433 (great for all over lid), Pearl 402 (great for lid or crease), and Matte 357 (great for the crease).

Do you own any INGLOT? I would love to know what colors you have or love, I am always looking to expand my INGLOT collection.

Until next time XOXO

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Haul: BareMinerals Ready Shadows

I am obsessed with the BareMinerals ready shadows, that is the only thing I like and can wear from BareMinerals. I have a couple quads and duos already, but when Ulta had a one day only online deal for 50% off the ready shadows - quads and duos - I had to snatch some up!
The quads run $30 and the duos $20. I currently have the quads in The Truth and The Soundtrack, and the duos in The Scenic Route and The Top Shelf - all are amazing! BareMinerals ready eyeshadows are pigmented and buttery smooth, like Urban Decay buttery.

With this one day only sale I picked up the quad The Happy Place and two duos, The Winner Is... and The Promise. I got all three for $35! 
The Happy Place Ready 4.0 quad
L to R: Peace, Imagine, Exhale, Euphoria
The Happy Place
  • Peace - matte soft peach
  • Imagine - medium copper, with a golden shimmer-sheen
  • Exhale - matte mauve taupe
  • Euphoria - reddened brown
The Winner Is... Ready 2.0 dou

The Winner Is...
  • Chart Topper - golden pewter
  • Hit Single - luminous sage, gorgeous mermaid green
The Promise Ready 2.0 duo

The Promise
  • Aspire - frosted warm orange tinted yellow
  • Vow - matte grey brown, with a red undertone
Top to Bottom: The Promise - Vow and Aspire, The Winner Is... - Chart Topper and Hit Single
I have yet to be disappointed by these shadows and my list is ever growing. Until Nest time -
XO Shannon

Review: Urban Decay Foxy Four-Way 24/7 Double Ended Eye Pencil Set

Urban Decay has released a new eyeliner set, exclusively at Ulta. The Foxy Four-Way 24/7 Double Ended Eye Pencil set includes four, double ended pencils giving you eight fabulous colors for only $39! To me this is a steal and I had to pick me up a set, as I am a sucker for Urban Decay eyeliners - they are my absolute favorite!!!
Urban Decay: Foxy Four-Way Double Ended Eye Pencil Set
The set gives you three exclusive shades and of course Zero and Perversion. I have at least two fills size Perversions, one full size Zero and two double ended pencils that include Zero - excluding the ones I have now from this set. Needless to say I will not run out of pencil black eyeliner any time soon!

L to R: Demolition, Muse, Zero, Stash
L to R: Perversion, Sabbath, Delinquent, Deep End
What you get:

  • Demolition - matte deep brown (permanent)
  • Perversion - matte blackest black (permanent)
  • Delinquent - deep purple violet with a light lilac sparkle (exclusive to this set)
  • Zero - matte charcoal black (permanent)
  • Stash - dark green/gold (permanent)
  • Sabbath - matte navy blue (repromote)
  • Deep End - bright teal (exclusive to this set)
  • Muse - dark brown with multicolor sparkle (exclusive to this set)
L to R (no flash): Perversion/Demolition, Sabbath/Stash,  Delinquent/Zero, Deep End/Muse 
L to R (with flash): Perversion/Demolition, Sabbath/Stash,  Delinquent/Zero, Deep End/Muse
*The double ended Stash/Sabbath pencil is included in a duo set with Zero and Corrupt for $29 USD.

Availability: Ulta stores and
Cost: $39 USD

To me this was a great deal and I could not pass it up! Until next time XO

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Review: Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

Urban Decay has added a few products to their Naked line over the last few monhs, all of which I have been quite excited about. A few product launches ago, Urban Decay launched the Naked Basics palette, six eye shadows that can be used alone or alongside the Naked or Naked 2 palettes. This palette claims to feature six matte shades, however there is one satin finish shade - Venus.

Left to Right: Venus, Foxy, W.O.S., Naked 2, Faint, Crave
One thing that Urban Decay does that I hate is including a shade from a previous palette in a "new" palette. They did this with Naked 2, in which they included Half Bake from the original Naked. Well, Urban Decay has done it again with Naked Basics, where they include Foxy from Naked 2. Why,  Urban Decay, why do you do this???

The shades included are:
  • Venus - sating flesh tone 
  • Foxy - matte light yellow
  • W.O.S. - matte flesh tone
  • Naked 2 - matte cool brown, almost taupe
  • Faint - matte warm brown
  • Crave - matte blacked brown
I really do like this palette, the only downfall is the packaging texture. The texture of the packaging reminds me of NARS packaging, minus the dirtiness. It's compact and travel friendly, as well as a complimentary palette to any palette that you own.

Cost: $27
Availability: permanent 
Available at Sephora, Ulta,

Have you picked up this palette? What is you favorite look to create using Naked Basics?

Until next time XO

New Sigma Discount Code for March 2013

Sigma has a new discount code for March to go along with their new products, SAVE2013. The Spa Glove was released a week or so ago and I am definitely ordering! It comes in 4 colors and is $39, which to me is a steal! If there is anything I put off more its cleaning my brushes and the Spa Glove not only cuts down on the time, it saves my hands from all the washing!

Will you be picking up anything from their recent product releases? Until next time XOXO