Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review: INGLOT Palette #2

So I am back with the second installment of my INGLOT palettes, if you missed my first palette  and INGLOT overview you can click here. I finally got around to swatching and photographing my palettes.

This palette is probably my favorite out of the three eyeshadow palettes.

This palette is a mix of matte and pearl finishes, which are my favorite of this brand. If you have never tried INGLOT, I highly suggest you give them a try... you will not be disappointed. These palettes have become my most used, above MAC and Urban Decay. I love that you can build your own with colors that suit you and not what some company thinks people want or need. Not to mention it is friendly to your wallet!

So here is my palette:
Top L-R: P444, P399, P402, P409, M360
Botton L-R: P433, M342, M357, M328, P 393
Top L-R: P402, P409, M360
Bottom L-R: M357, M328, P393
Top L-R: P444, P399, P402
Bottom L-R: P433, M342, M357
Top to Bottom: M360, P409, P402, P399, P444
Top to Bottom: P393, M328, M357, M342, P433

  • Pearl 444 - metallic dark blue grey
  • Pearl 399 - metallic lilac
  • Pearl 402 - metallic taupe
  • Pearl 409 - metallic golden brown
  • Matte 360 - warm purple based brown
  • Pearl 433 - metallic antique gold
  • Matte 342 - warm medium brown
  • Matte 357 - warm red based brown
  • Matte 328 - light peach
  • Pearl 393 - metallic peach
Some of my absolute favorite colors in this palette, that I reach for all of the time, are Pearl 393 (great for highlighting), Pearl 433 (great for all over lid), Pearl 402 (great for lid or crease), and Matte 357 (great for the crease).

Do you own any INGLOT? I would love to know what colors you have or love, I am always looking to expand my INGLOT collection.

Until next time XOXO

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