Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review: MAC Archie's Girls for Spring 2013

MAC has launched their spring collection and it is based on the comic strip "Archie". I remember Archie as a kid, both the comic and the cartoon. The collection is based on Archie's girls, Betty and Veronica.
"Betty and Veronica - the names alone are a vivid four-colour flashback to an era of sweet, comic book innocence. Their eternal love triangle, with all-American freckle-faced Archie, is legendary in its teen tension, tight sweaters and two-toned saddle shoe charm. Girl-next-door blonde Betty vs. vivacious, spoiled rich-girl, brunette Veronica, an epic rivalry, now in two contrasting MAC colour collections, packaged in exclusively designed cases. ALL LIMITED EDITION."
The collection contains lip, eye, and cheek colors based on the fair haired Betty and the dark and dramatic Veronica, and I have not splurged on a MAC collection like this in a long time, if ever! I could not pass up this fun collection!

The Betty collection contains 3 lipglass, 3 lipsticks, a blush, a pearlmatte face powder, 2 pigments, 2 pearl glide intense eye liner, 2 nail lacquers and one eye shadow quad. From this collection, I picked up 2 of the 3 lipglasses - Kiss & Don't Tell and Summer Sweetheart, the blush in Cream Soda and the pearlmatte face powder in Flatter Me.

The Veronica collection contain the same number of items of each. From this collection, I picked up one lipglass in Mall Madness, the blush in Prom Princess and the pearlmatte face powder in Veronica's Blush. I passed on the eye shadow quads in both collections, only because I feel MAC quads are over priced and the quality is no where near as good as other brands on the market.

I love the packaging, both the product and the paper packaging - I kept them! The standard matte black packaging has been replaced with shiny white and the comic book characters faces. The Betty blush and lipglass have Betty's face and the Veronica blush and lipglass have Veronica's face. The pearlmatte face powders have all three characters faces.

Lipglass L-R: Betty "Kiss & Don't Tell", Veronica "Mall Madness", Betty "Summer Sweetheart"
Lipglass L-R: Betty "Kiss & Don't Tell", Veronica "Mall Madness", Betty "Summer Sweetheart"
Lipglass L-R: Betty "Kiss & Don't Tell", Veronica "Mall Madness", Betty "Summer Sweetheart"
Veronica Blush "Prom Princess"
Betty Blush "Cream Soda"
Blush L-R: Prom Princess and Cream Soda
Veronica Pearlmatte Face Powder "Veronica's Blush" 
Veronica Pearlmatte Face Powder "Veronica's Blush"
Betty Pearlmatte Face Powder "Flatter Me"
Betty Pearlmatte Face Powder "Flatter Me"
Pearlmatte Face Powder Top - Bottom: Cream Soda and Veronica's Blush
I am a sucker for MAC collections, especially for the lipglass and blush, and if they have highlighter those too! The lipglass in "Kiss & Don't Tell" is a bright coral, it reminds me of the Viva Glam Cyndi or Nicki Minaj. The lipglass in "Summer Sweetheart" is a light nude, reminds me of underage. The lipglass in "Mall Madness" is a berry color with a gorgeous pink and purple glitter.

Each collection, Betty and Veronica, only had one blush and I had to have both! Both blushes are satin finish and very wearable. "Prom Princess" is bright in the pan, but gorgeous on the cheek with a beautiful blush to the cheek. "Cream Soda" is a peach that is amazingly gorgeous on the cheek, it will be perfect for summer! I have nothing like "Prom Princess" to compare it to, but "Cream Soda" is a satin version of MAC "Melba" or NARS "Luster".

I have never owned or tried the pearlmatte face powders, but I am extremely happy I have! They are so soft and add a beautiful sheen of a highlight to anywhere on the face. "Veronica's Blush" is a silver pink base with bright pink hearts stamped on top. It is very cool tone highlight and pair beautifully with the "Prom Princess" blush. "Flatter Me" is a peach base with coral hearts stamped on top. It is warmer and pairs beautifully with the "Cream Soda" blush or really any peach/coral blush.

Overall I am extremely happy with the products I picked up and recommend them all!

Did you haul anything from Archie's Girls? Until next time XO

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Products from Sigma - February 2013

Sigma has been on a roll, first with their launch of individual eyeshadows from their popular palettes and brow products from their brow palette, and now eyeshadow bases!

These eyeshadow bases were designed to compliment their Dare, Bare and Flare palettes and can be purchased in their sets with a brush or individually. The sets contain 3 bases and a brush for $36 or individually for $13 - which is a great deal I think!

Dare, Flare, Bare

I plan to purchase the Bare set and Spy right away! Spy is this gorgeous duo chrome base that I've never seen anything like before! I truly want them all... but baby steps!

Use the February 2013 discount code BASE2013 to save 10%!

Until next time XO

New Sigma Discount Code for February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day month! This month Sigma has released some new products that I cannot wait to get my hands on, eye shadow bases! And to go along with these new products they have a new discount code - BASE2013.

I will be picking up some of their new products and some new brushes this month, will you be checking out anything?

Until next time XO

Urban Decay Friends and Family Sale

Hi guys, so the spring 2013 Urban Decay Friends and Family sale is here! Use code FFSPRING13 at checkout for 20% off your order - Naked products included!

Click here to start shopping!

Some suggestions or products that I love:

  • Naked palette
  • Naked 2 palette 
  • Naked Basics
  • Vice Palette (amazing deal)
  • Smoked Palette
  • 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencils - Wasteland and Sin
  • 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils - All colors
  • Primer Potion - eyes
Check out the sale, they are my absolute favorite brand! I know I will be making a few purchases!

Until next time XO