Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review: INGLOT Blush Palette

So he final installment in my INGLOT series is my blush palette. The Freedom System blush palette is the same size and functionality as the 10 pan eyeshadow palette and the palette itself is the same price, $16. The Freedom System blushes are $10 each for 6 grams of product. The entire palette costs $56, which to me is a steal!

The blushes on the palette are not broken down into finishes, but they do come in shimmer and matte finishes. I picked up four blushes to complete my palette and I could not be happier. They are very pigmented, so a light hand is needed, and they wear all day with minimal fading.

So here is my blush palette!
L-R: 29, 34, 28, 57 
L - R: 28 and 57
L-R: 29 and 34
Top to Bottom: 57, 28, 34, 29

  • 29 - matte, bright cantaloupe
  • 34 - shimmer, light peachy coral
  • 28 - matte rose
  • 57 - shimmer, plum rose
I use the blushes almost daily, they are gorgeous and make my skin look glowy. The only one that I do not use all that frequently is number 29, its a very summer color and needs an extremely light hand for application. I would love to try more of these, but since the website does not have the best swatches and my google search does not return a lot I will wait until I can visit an INGLOT store.

Have you tried or do you own any INGLOT blushes? I would love to know your favorite or which ones to check out.

Until next time XOXO

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