Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Got Naked2!!!

I am a huge fan of Urban Decay cosmetics and a proud owner of the original Naked palette, so when I heard about the new Naked2 palette I was beyond excited! I watched xsparkage and Temptalia's reviews of the palette prior to the launch and knew immediately that I MUST have this palette!

Currently the Naked2 palette is only available online, through Urban Decay's website. According to sources, it will not be available for purchase in stores until mid to late January. I personally couldn't wait that long, so when I received the email from UD that it was available I jumped... but not until the third release. I wanted to wait and read blogs or watch YouTube videos on the product, even though I had every intention of purchasing.

The shades in the Naked2 palette are described as taupe and greige neutrals, containing 5 exclusive shades.  I would say the shade descriptions are pretty accurate. Where the original Naked palette is warmer, with bronze and golden shades, the Naked2 is much cooler and contains mostly taupe colors or variations of taupe. With the Naked2 palette you get a mini Lip Junkie in the shade, you guessed it, Naked! Which I have to say is a nice change from the Original Primer Potion you get with the original Naked.

The only thing I was truly disappointed in was the repeat shadow in Half-Baked. This color to me doesn't follow suite with the rest of the shades in Naked2 and is part of Naked. If they were going to repeat a shade, I wish it would have been Naked. This palette contains 3 matte shades, Foxy, Tease and Black Out (part of the 15th anniversary palette). I am happy that two highlight shades are included in this palette, one that is matte and one that is frosted.

L-R: Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, and Snakebite
L-R: Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK, Busted and Blackout
A lot of people are raving about how great the new packaging is... well I personally didn't find anything wrong with the original packaging, I actually liked it. This new packaging is frustrating, it is metal and when you close it you have to make sure the slots line up to close properly. I do like the larger mirror, even though it will be rarely used. The size of the Naked2 is comparable to the original, as well as the amount of product.

Top: Naked2
Bottom: Naked
One thing I was really excited about was the new double ended brush that comes with Naked2, unfortunately my palette was missing the brush. But fret not, I contacted customer service and they apologized and sent me out a new brush! The Naked palette, when originally released, came with a double ended liner in Whiskey and Zero and then due to production issues, they now come with the Good Karma Eye Shadow Brush. I was a little sad, I wish I could have gotten my hands on one that had the eye liner, but the brush is nice and is used quite frequently.

The Naked2 palette is priced at $50, which to me is an awesome price! The original Naked palette was $48, so only a $2 price increase. For $50 you get 12 full size eye shadows, that are comparable to a MAC eye shadow, a double ended brush and a mini Lip Junkie. Not bad I must say! At  MAC a quad, pre-packaged, runs you $38 or if you build your own with 4 shadows $53 or with 15 shadows $188.50, you could but 3.5 Naked palettes for building one palette with 15 shadows. The quality of UD is like butter and are long lasting, at least on me, and wearable for day to day or nighttime.

For those of you wondering if it is worth it to buy Naked2 if you have Naked, I would say no... but the one that suits you, cool or warm. But if you are like me and love neutrals, Urban Decay and are a collector, then YES buy it! You won't be disappointed!

If you got Naked2, or Naked, let me know what are your favorite color combinations or looks! Thanks for reading, until next time!

XO Shannon

Thursday, December 1, 2011

theBalm Nude 'Tude

I recently watched a video by Temptalia on theBalm Cosmetics Nude 'Tude palette. I am such a sucker for nude shadow palettes and when I saw this one I immediately thought I HAVE to have it! So, luckily it was the week of Black Friday and they were offering 40% off your purchase. It is priced at $36, but with my 40% off it only ended up being $21.60 and I chose the free shipping. With the free shipping, I ordered Friday, around noon, and it mailed out on Tuesday and I received it on Thursday. To me that is not bad, for free shipping.

Now on to my review... The packaging is similar to Urban Decay's Naked palette and Sigma's palettes, but a lot thinner! In the palette you get 12 eye shadows, 4 matte and 8 shimmer or metallic finish. TheBalm is a makeup company I was not at all familiar with until coming across Temptalia on YouTube. She reviewed their Muppet palette, which was highly limited edition and I didn't want to fight for, and I really loved the quality of the shadow and the color payoff.

Back of the package

The inside
In the palette you get a frosty white, gold, peach and champagne. You also get a matte brown, black, burgundy and brown/black. Then you get some shimmery browns.

The shadows all have a "S" name and there are 2 versions of the palette, "Naughty" and "Nice". Both versions include the same shadows and exterior packaging. The only difference is that the "Naughty", the version I purchased, has naked ladies with the shadows covering there intimate places. The Nice version has the same exterior picture on the inside, with the shadows and the names.

So far I am liking this band and their eye products. I have not tried anything other than their face products, but I think I may try out some of their blushes. I am also looking forward to their new palette, "TheBalm and the Beautiful", which is the same as their Muppet palette, with new shadow names and pictures for the packaging, By the title, you can tell it is soap opera themed.

I am loving theBalm, have you used them? What would you recommend? Until next time XOXO

XO Shannon

Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Products from Sigma!

Beginning Monday, November 21, 2011 Sigma will be launching five, yes FIVE, new products! The new products will include new travel sets, new larger sets and a set containing a fan brush that I am pretty excited about! Take a look below and check Sigma's website every Monday from November 21st until December 19th for new products!

The first of the five will launch Monday, November 21, 2011 and it is the Cities Collection. The description from Sigma is: 
"The Cities is Sigma Beauty’s special edition travel kit collection! The kits feature seven travel-sized brushes from our best selling Essential and Premium Kits (E05 Eyeliner, E35 Tapered Blending, E45 Small Tapered Blending, E60 Large Shader, F05 Small Contour, F15 Duo Fibre, and F30 Large Powder). The brushes are held in a travel-size container that turns into two brush holders to keep your brushes organized, even on the go. Each kit was designed to represent the beauty and excitement of the city it is named after. There are four kits in this exciting collection: London (brown), Tokyo (pink), Paris (red) and New York (black)."
Cities Collection
$59 for Paris, Tokyo and New York, $89 for London
The second will launch on Monday, November 28, 2011 and it is the Make Me Up Collection - Travel Edition. The description from Sigma is:
"The Sigma Beauty Make Me Up Travel Kits were designed for fun, yet practical makeup application on the go. Similar to the design of the full sized Make Me Up Collection, these travel sized kits contain seven colorful brushes held in a functional and stylish container (E30 Pencil, E40 Tapered Blending, E55 Eye Shading, E65 Small Angle, F30 Large Powder, F40 Large angled Contour, and F60 Foundation). The kits will be available in Black, Aqua, Coral and Purple."
Make Me Up Collection - Travel Edition

The third will launch on Monday, December 5, 2011 and its is the Bunny Collection. The description from Sigma is:
"The Bunny Collection is Sigma Beauty’s vegan friendly line of brushes. The collection will feature a full-size and travel-size kit. The full size kit will contain the twelve brushes sold in our Essential Kit, all made with the Sigmax HD fibers. The travel-size kit contains seven best selling brushes from the Essential kit. Both kits will be held in a Sigma Beauty container that turns into two brush holders."
Bunny Collection
Complete Kit $109, Travel Kit $59
The fourth will launch on Monday, December 12, 2011 and it is the Extravaganza Face Kit. The Description from Sigma is:
"The Sigma Beauty Extravaganza Face Kit is a lavish assortment of one of a kind, hand-crafted brushes with 18 karat gold-plated ferrules. The face kit features four gorgeous, 18K gold-plated brushes and a deluxe carrying case, perfect for traveling and storage."
Extravaganza Face Kit 
The fifth one will launch on Monday, December 19, 2011 and it is the Extravaganza Complete Kit. The description from Sigma is:
"The Sigma Beauty Extravaganza Complete Kit features 29 of our best-selling essential, premium and individual brushes. The brushes in this collection are hand-crafted with 18 karat gold-plated ferrules, specially designed to deliver a luxurious makeup application."
Extravaganza Complete Kit 
So what are you most excited about or picking up? I'm thinking about the travel sets... they would make fabulous gifts!

XO Shannon

My Twilight Take, Breaking Dawn!!!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I, the fourth installment in the series, hit theaters on November 18, 2011 at 12:01 a.m. And I was there! In line at 1 p.m. on November 17th to watch the three previous movies leading up to the midnight showing of the most anticipated movie of the year, at least for me!

I am a huge Twilight fan! I have been since 2008 when I picked up the first book and was HOOKED! I started them in August of 2008, a few months before the movie came out in November 2008. I had never heard of Twilight and new nothing of the movie being made. I would literally stay up until midnight reading and wake up at 5 a.m. and read before heading off to work. All housework ceased to exist and all I did was read. This was about the time we had a hurricane pass through southeast Louisiana, Gustav, and I was hunting down Eclipse as I was winding down on New Moon. Knowing I could possibly be with out power and businesses closed for at least a week or so I could not go into this hurricane without knowing what happened next! So while most were gathering water, non-perishables and batteries, I was hunting for Eclipse!

After the hurricane I grabbed Breaking Dawn... and then was so sad when I finished that I didn't know what to do! So, I read them again and again... I cannot explain what it is about this series that hooked me! When I began them I was 27, almost 28, married and a mother of three (still am)! I forget that they are vampires, its just this amazing love story to me. I loved the books so much and the movies are great, but somethings are left out or condensed down so it is a little disappointing sometimes.

Twilight the book is probably my favorite, the movies is one of my least favorite. There are so many things left out and things that were added that it just kind of made me sad. There were so many things I felt they did right and looked great, like the baseball scene being my favorite! But they left out one of my favorite scenes, the "blood typing scene" and how James was the reason Alice is a vampire, because she has no memory of how she came to be. But the movie sill conveyed the same thing and elicited the same feelings I had for the book with the movie.
I was so happy with the choices of actors selected for EVERYONE! Kristen Stewart IS Bella Swan! I honestly don't think I could see anyone else playing her. I read one time they wanted Alexis Bledel, and all I could think was I would't be able to sit through a moving with her blandness and monotone voice. Oh... and don't get me started on Robert Pattinson, he is adorably cute and he IS my Edward Cullen. The supporting actors chosen for Jessica Stanley and Mike Newton, were fabulous! They literally still every scene they are in, in ALL four movies to date!

From the 2008 Twilight Premiere
New Moon the book was my least favorite, mainly because *spoiler* Edward leaves Bella! Only for her own good... but there was so much Jacob in the book and lets face it, we all want her with Edward! (I'm obviously Team Edward) But the movie was really good... just enough Jacob and they kept Edward present. Of the books made to movies, this one is the closet of them all with the exception of how Edward described being away from her as a moonless night and the vote. I wanted to see Edward destroy the flat screen!
Eclipse was a great book! I love it because you get a lot of history on the Cullen's and how Rosalie and Jasper came to be, which I really loved. The movie however put things out of order and spent to much time on Victoria and Riley, which I would rather have left that out and had more of Bella and Edward, since this was her story. I think one of the main reasons I didn't like this one is that they changed Victoria's on us... Rachelle Lafevre was the BEST Victoria! She was a huge fan of the series before they were a major success and movie, and I didn't like them replacing her with Bryce Dallas Howard. Originally Bryce was approached for the role of Victoria for Twilight, but turned it down. I heard it was because it wasn't a big enough movie, again speculation and I could be wrong, but if that was the case when the movie blew up she was cast. I love how all the rest are still there and present, very thankful for being able to be apart of this series. I feel they cast Rachelle out for the daughter of Ron Howard and that doesn't sit well with me. But enough of that, the movie was still good and I happy Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone got their chance in the franchise to be active in their roles, because they are always in the back ground.
Now, on to Breaking Dawn Part I... I LOVED IT!!! I wanted it to start like the book, her at the gas station in her bullet proof car, but intend it came on with Jacob receiving his invitation to the wedding and running off in wolf form. That was the end of Eclipse... But thats ok. Then it showed Charlie and Renee with their invitations. The wedding scene was absolutely amazing and beautiful!!! It was different from the book, as in the book it was an indoor wedding and the movie was outdoors, but a good different. The dress, was beautiful!!! Not what I imagined, better than what I imagined. Kristen and Rob made a beautiful Bella and Edward bride and groom. The reception was funny, listening to Emmett, Jessica, Charlie, Renee and Edward giving their speeches.

There was a nightmare sequence that was not in the book that was kind of disturbing... This movie seriously pushed the PG-13 rating it received. The honeymoon was amazing, again not what I imagined, but better than what I imagined. A lot of people booed at the "sex scene" because it kind of did fade to black, like the book, but they go back to it as flashbacks when Bella wakes up. The honeymoon ended just like the book, to an extent and it picked up with Jacob, like the book as the book is Bella, Jacob, and then Bella again. Pregnant Bella looked to me just how the book described her to be. The way Rosalie was protective of her and the baby, was also on point for the book. Some of the wolf stuff was off... and rushed or left out. The delivery... the delivery was gruesome and I had to look away. Though I feel they did the book justice, a lot of critics didn't like it. I loved how they did Bella's transformation!!! The way it showed her burning inside and then the venom running through her veins and healing her. 

The imprint scene was wonderfully done! I loved how they did the sequence of her from baby to adult, it was perfect to me! the way it ended was exactly how I thought it would... to line up with the second Bella point of view from the book. Really the movie was great and I understand the reasoning of breaking it up into two separate movies. The book encompasses so much and there are really two climatic events, so they dealt with one in part one and the other will be dealt with in part two. So, if you haven't seen it, go see it and stay until the credits role... If you have seen it, what did you think???

XO Shannon

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cut Loose for a 50/50 Real Good Time

I haven't reviewed a movie in a while, but last weekend I took in a double feature for my birthday... Footloose (with the girls) and Real Steel (with the hubby). But before I saw those two, my hubby and I took in 50/50. So I have for you a cute remake, a serious yet funny movie, and a good all around movie. All three of these have positive review on Rotten Tomatoes.

First up... 50/50. This movie by the previews alone looked really good, however I was hesitant to see a movie about a guy that has cancer. In the end my hubby and I took a chance, and boy were we happy with the out come. This movie is about Adam, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock from the Sun, Inception, 500 Hundred Days of Summer), who is diagnosed with cancer (I don't remember the name, sorry). He is the guy who just does what he is supposed to and never stands up for himself. He has a real biotch of a girlfriend, played by the amazing Bryce Dallas Howard (Eclipse, The Help), a stoner best friend/co-worker Kyle played by Seth Rogen. And lets not forget his mother played by Angelica Houston.

Upon his diagnosis his doctor refers him to counseling to deal with his stress and anxiety surrounding his cancer and 50/50 chance. Adam's therapist in training is played by the hilarious and witty Anna Kendrick (Twilight Saga, Up in the Air). My hubby's main hesitation to see this movie was Seth Rogen... and the same for a friend of mine. But it has just enough Seth Rogen and its a much different role than what we are accustom to seeing Seth play.

This movie was... words can't describe. My hubby rarely finds serious movies all that good, I think the last one was Up in the Air, so for him to be like I really like this movie speaks volumes to me. I recommend seeing this movie, you won't be disappointed. Rotten Tomatoes has this movie at 93% positive, I give it an A+.

Next up... the Footloose remake. I loved this movie... I struggle with deciding which one was better. The original, release in 1984 when I was only 4, is so good... seriously in my top 10 movies of all time good. But, being that it was the 80's it was slightly cheesy. But with future stars Kevin Bacon, Sarah Jessica Parker and the late Chris Penn, it was pure box office gold. I was a little put off by the thought of a remake, I really wish they would leave these movies alone, especially with thoughts that Chace Crawford or Zan Efron would play the leading role Ren McCormack. But in the end they went with relatively unknown Kenny Wormald, which I must say was a fantastic choice. Pair Kenny up with the awesome and beautiful Julianne Hough and you have dance movie gold!

The storyline in the remake is pretty close to the original... ban on dancing, came to live with aunt and uncle, etc. There are slight story changes, that were good for the story and actually flowed better than the original. in the remake, Ren is from Boston, not Chicago, his mother did not accompany him, his uncle is not a jerk (I actually liked him in this one), and of course derby bus racing instead of tractor chicken. but, I do love how Ariel's mother, played by Andy McDowell, speaks up and has a voice.

I loved that they kept signature lines, clothes and characters. The music is essentially the same, just updated with current artists. I am not a fan of the new music, especially Blake Shelton's "Footloose" remake. The character of Willard, originally played by the late Chris Penn, stole the show as did Chris in 1984. I was not impressed with the selection of Rusty. Sarah Jessica Parker did not have a cheesy country accent in the original, not like Lori Singer (original Ariel), so I am not sure why she has this unnatural thick accent that is so annoying!

I could  watch this movie again and again, like the original. Rotten Tomatoes has this movie at 71% positive, I give it a B+! If you are looking for a cute movie, with fun music and low expectations for acting, then check out this movie because it will lift up your spirits and make you want to cut loose and dance!

And the final movie is Real Steel. This movie was my hubby's choice, so I went with it as it was his turn to choose. It was better than I expected, a little predictable in some parts, but still over all a good movie. Real Steel is set in the near future where robot boxing has taken the place of real life boxing. Charlie Kenton, played by sexy Hugh Jackman, is a former boxer who now builds and fights robots, with the help from his "friend" Bailey Tallet, played by Evangeline Lilly, who owns the boxing gym where she and Charlie build and work on the robots.

Charlie is down on his luck, owes money to more people he can afford to pay, when he is notified that he is now the sole guardian for his 11 year old son Max. Max's mother past away and is now being left in the care of his reluctant father Charlie. Charlie is ready to sign over Max to his aunt and her rich, old husband. But Charlie sees a chance to earn a quick $50,000, but keeping Max for the summer when the aunt and uncle travel Europe. After Charlie demolishes his last bot he and Max brake in to a steel yard for robot parts. In this steel yard, Mac discovers Atom, a sparring bot, that he feels a connection to and wants to save, against Charlie's wishes.

After rescuing Atom and cleaning him up, Max insists on getting him a fight. Charlie gets him a fight and from there the father and son duo hit the road with Atom, all the way to the pro robot championship. Rotten Tomatoes has this movie at 60% positive, I give it a C+. This a good family friendly movie, I only wish we would have brought our boys to see this, as I am sure they both would have loved it. 

So I have given you three options... what will you see? Or, what have you seen? I am always looking for good movies to see... Up next, I think I might see Ides of March... anyone seen it?

XO Shannon

Monday, October 10, 2011

Haul and Review: Sigma/Sigmax Brushes

I know in August a wrote about the brush that changed my foundation routine... well I am back with a haul and review of MORE Sigma brushes! I couldn't resist ordering more of these brushes and honestly this will not be the last Sigma order I place!

So as an early birthday gift to my self I ordered the Make Me Crazy 12 piece purple brush set, the Bare palette, the E20 short shader brush and the E45 small tapered blending brush. I had a 10% discount code I used to save on my order and even with that I definitely got a lot for my money! And so that you know, all thoughts and opinions on these brushes and products are my on... I paid for all products mentioned with my own money.

First thing I will touch on is the Bare palette. This palette is pretty awesome and I can't wait to order the Dare and Flare palette's. The eye shadow palette's contain 8 shadows and a dual ended brush, each palette's brush is different and colored to match the palette. The Bare palette has 4 matte shades and 4 shimmer shades. The dual brush has the E30 pencil brush and the E25 blending brush.

I used this palette and the shades blend well and lasted all day. The packaging resembles the Urban Decay Naked palette in appearance, is durable and contains a mirror. And this palette is priced at the amazing price of $35, completely affordable!

Dual Ended Brush - E30 and E25
The E45 and E20 are part of the Premium Professional kit, however I really didn't want all of those brushes. The E45 is the small tapered blending brush and is ideal for precisely applying shadow to the crease. The E20 is the short shader brush and is perfect for applying shadow to the lid or smudging along the lash lines. Each eye brush is $9, where as the face brushes range from $14-$19 each.

E45 - Small Tapered Blending Brush

E20 - Short Shader Brush
The Make Me Crazy 12 piece purple kit contains every brush you could ever need! This set contains 5 face brushes, 7 eye brushes and a 2 piece container that you can use to store your brushes or travel with them. I have several MAC comparable brushes that cost a lot more than what Sigma sells theres for, at equal if not better quality. The 5 face brushes are the F60 foundation, F70 concealer, the F50 duo fiber, the F40 angled contour and F30 large powder. The 7 eye brushes are the E05 eyeliner, E30 pencil, E40 tapered blending, E55 eye shading, E60 large shader, E65 small angle, and the E70 medium angled shading.

Eye Brushes - From Bottom to Top: E30, E40, E05, E55, E60,  E70 and E65

Face Brushes - From Bottom to Top: F70, F40, F60, F30, and F50

(Container for the brush set)
This set is $99 and is part of the Make Me Up collection. The collection features the same 12 piece set in 4 different colors, all named appropriately by their color. The "Make Me Classy" in black, the "Make Me Blush" in coral, the "Make Me Cool" in aqua, and the "Make Me Crazy" in purple. These sets are perfect for anyone starting out in makeup or looking to expand their brush collection like myself.

Sigma was introduced to me by YouTube makeup guru Tiffany from MakeupByTiffanyD. She is a firm believer in Sigma and faithfully uses these brushes. I have been obsessing over these brushes and when looking at the cost of the brushes, whether individually or in a set, it was still cheaper than MAC. The same  brushes I bought from Sigma for $99 would have cost me more than $300, plus I got a container to store my brushes in!

So if you don't know who Sigma is, check them out! If you own Sigma brushes or products, what are your favorites?

Until next time xo Shannon!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Double Feature Weekend... Abducted Dolphin Tale

This weekend I took in two features, Abduction and Dolphin Tale. Of the two I am sure you can figure out which one was the better one... While Abduction was, in my opinion, a minor league action movie that had the attraction of the loyal Twilight Saga fan base, which I am not knocking as I am a diehard Twi-hard through and through, Dolphin Tale can attract and please families and adults alone just the same with this heartwarming story that is truly inspiring.

Friday night my girlfriends and I took in the Taylor Lautner movie, Abduction. While I had seen a few previews, I thought it looked really good and really wanted to see it since I like so many varieties of movies. I was a little discouraged when I saw the Rotten Tomatoes rating and it was 0% positive... and then later in the day it had increased to 4%, still not very good at all. This is Taylor's first big screen movie as the main actor since the Twilight Saga, while Robert Pattinson has had 2 successful, in my eyes at least.

Abduction is slightly predictable, with amateur actors as the main characters. Lautner plays Nathan Harper who finds out his parents are not who they say they are after researching missing children for a research paper. His partner and love interest Karen Murphy, played by Lilly Collins, witness the murders of his "parents" and are on the run. While Nathan and Karen are not sure why they are being chased, they are approached by two different CIA operatives and not sure who to trust. This movie is about Nathan figuring out who he is and what happened to his real parents. It wasn't terrible and I truly think Lautner has potential for action movies like Jason Statham. I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5, and maybe a wait for the DVD.

And today my mom and I took my 3 kids to see Dolphin Tale. My kids are 12, 9, and 7, and my daughter, the 7 year old, was really excited to see this movie. This movie was so wonderful! We opted not to see it in 3D, as my 9 year old Nathan gets headaches from 3D movies. Dolphin Tale is inspired by a true story and stars "Winter" the dolphin the movie is centered around.

The main character is Sawyer Nelson, an 11 year old boy who is very closed off emotionally and socially withdrawn. Sawyer says goodbye to his cousin Kyle in the beginning of the movie, as he is going off to the Army, and is sad about losing his cousin. On his way to his summer school English class, a man calls for Sawyer's attention as he had just found Winter washed on to the beach. She had been tangled up in a crab trap and severely hurt. The man that got Sawyer's attention called 911, who contacted the marine animal hospital in the area.

Sawyer and Winter had a connection since the moment he cut the ropes free. The marine animal hospital arrives and Sawyer meets Dr. Clay,played by Harry Connick Jr., and his daughter Hazael. Dr. Clay, Hazel, and their team take him to their facilities. Sawyer sneaks into the marine animal hospital and see that WInter isn't doing too well. Upon Sawyer's arrival Winter immediately perks up, which shocks Dr. Clay. So Sawyer sticks around and starts to open up and creates relationships with the people that for at the marine animal hospital, and eventually stops going to summer school. Sawyer's mom, played by Ashley Judd, finds out and gets upset at first, but once she see's what Winter and the time he has spent there has done for her son she becomes ok with him missing summer school.

As the movie progresses, you learn of a tragic event that happens to his cousin Kyle and then to Winter with her damaged tale. Dolphin Tale was emotional and funny, heartwarming and inspiring. All three of my kids, my mom and I thought this movie was so good. I am not gonna lie, I cried at lead 3 times, but I am crier... This movie will not disappoint adults or children, I feel it touches each in a different way and inspires both not to give up on your dreams, that anything is possible if you don't give up. GO. SEE. THIS. MOVIE. I obviously give this one 5 stars out 5!!!

What movies have you seen the weekend, or recently?

;) Shannon