Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review: INGLOT Palette # 3

Now for the third and final INGLOT eyeshadow palette installment, I have previously reviewed and swatched my first and second palette.

This third palette has more vibrate, colorful eyeshadows than my previous neutral based palettes. I am loving INGLOT and already have colors picked for another palette. 

This palette features two finishes in addition to my normal pearl and matted finishes. I have added an AMC Shine and a Double Sparkle. The AMC Shine gives off more of a sheen or glow effect. The Double Sparkle is more of a matte with sparkle, although the sparkle does not show too much and the color is softer.

So here is palette number three!
Top L-R: P414, P418 M337, P397, AMC S7
Bottom: L-R: P428, P446, DS 465, M349, M351
Top L-R: P414, P418, M337
Bottom L-R: P428, P446, DS 465
Top L-R: M337, P397, AMC S7
Bottom L-R: DS 465, M349, M351 
Top to Bottom: AMC S7, P397, M337, P418, P414
Top to Bottom: M351, M349, DS 465, P446, P428

  • Pearl 414 - metallic blackened green with a sheen
  • Pearl 418 - metallic golden green
  • Matte 337 - soft brown
  • Pearl 397 - metallic champagne
  • AMC Shine 7 - shimmering gold with a sheen
  • Pearl 428 - metallic true blue
  • Pearl 446 - metallic dark purple
  • Double Sparkle 465 - matte purplish brown with golden glitter 
  • Matte 349 - brownish grey
  • Matte 351 - soft off white
I have not used all of the colors in this palette yet, but I have used three or four of the colors on a regular basis. I am loving M337 (great for the crease or upper brow), P397 (great for lid, similar to Urban Decay Sin) and AMC S7 (great for the lid or inner corner).

I am loving the AMC Shine shadow I have, so I am definitely going to pick up some more or these in the future.

Until next time XOXO

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