About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog! The title of my blog, MACjunkie80, is also my Twitter name and YouTube channel. I am a married, mother of three. I have a full time job, but love makeup and movies. This is my place to talk about the things that I love.

My favorite brand, if you can't guess, is MAC. But I do love others like Urban Decay and NARS, but I also like to try new brands. I am not sponsored in any way, everything posted (unless otherwise noted) are purchased with my own money and reflect my own personal opinions.

Occasionally I will review a movie, or two, because I loooooove movies and to discuss. So, I hope you stick around. I am not a professional makeup artist, I work in a cubicle, and everything I know or learned is self taught or from the amazing YouTube gurus. I am also not a writer by profession. I cannot guarantee that this blog will be error free or even seem professional. This is my hobby, please enjoy!

XO Shannon

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