Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monte Carlo... Cute and Family Friendly

This Saturday I took my seven year old daughter to see Monte Carlo. And yes, her only reason for seeing this movie was Selena Gome. I had heard that the movie was tolerable for us adults, so I thought I would give it a shot. And I have to say that the movie was really cute, with lots of fun and humor. Sure, some parts were predictable, but I was still rather cute. I give it a B-.

Monte Carlo is about one girl, Grace (Selena Gomez), who takes a trip to Paris after her high school graduation, with her BFF Emma (Katie Cassidy) and unwanted step-sister Megan. Upon arrival in the city of lights, the trio find themselves being left behind by their tour guide. After wondering around in the rain, Grace is mistaken as a British heiress, thus beginning the trip of their lives.

The movie does not concentrate on Grace alone, the movie follows all three girls as they try to figure out their lives. Grace is trying to get out of her small town life and do something meaningful, who falls in love on the way... but does he love Grace or the heiress?

Emma is a high school drop out, who breaks up with her BF Owen (Cory Montieth) on the eve of their departure. Emma learns that the grass isn't always greener on the otherside, will Owen still be there when she realizes this?

Megan is the unwanted tag-along, pushed to go by her father, who is also Grace's step-father. Meg is uptight and needs to let loose, it may be possible with the help of a handsome Austrailian.

The clothes and makeup in this movie were really great. There is one dress that Emma's character wears that is to die for! I love the ruffles and the color. Her makeup is beautiful and if I can find a nice still I may just try to recreate.

So, if you are taking any little ones to the movie, give Monte Carlo a chance I gaurantee it will not leave you bored and counting down until the end.

XO Shannon

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