Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cut Loose for a 50/50 Real Good Time

I haven't reviewed a movie in a while, but last weekend I took in a double feature for my birthday... Footloose (with the girls) and Real Steel (with the hubby). But before I saw those two, my hubby and I took in 50/50. So I have for you a cute remake, a serious yet funny movie, and a good all around movie. All three of these have positive review on Rotten Tomatoes.

First up... 50/50. This movie by the previews alone looked really good, however I was hesitant to see a movie about a guy that has cancer. In the end my hubby and I took a chance, and boy were we happy with the out come. This movie is about Adam, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock from the Sun, Inception, 500 Hundred Days of Summer), who is diagnosed with cancer (I don't remember the name, sorry). He is the guy who just does what he is supposed to and never stands up for himself. He has a real biotch of a girlfriend, played by the amazing Bryce Dallas Howard (Eclipse, The Help), a stoner best friend/co-worker Kyle played by Seth Rogen. And lets not forget his mother played by Angelica Houston.

Upon his diagnosis his doctor refers him to counseling to deal with his stress and anxiety surrounding his cancer and 50/50 chance. Adam's therapist in training is played by the hilarious and witty Anna Kendrick (Twilight Saga, Up in the Air). My hubby's main hesitation to see this movie was Seth Rogen... and the same for a friend of mine. But it has just enough Seth Rogen and its a much different role than what we are accustom to seeing Seth play.

This movie was... words can't describe. My hubby rarely finds serious movies all that good, I think the last one was Up in the Air, so for him to be like I really like this movie speaks volumes to me. I recommend seeing this movie, you won't be disappointed. Rotten Tomatoes has this movie at 93% positive, I give it an A+.

Next up... the Footloose remake. I loved this movie... I struggle with deciding which one was better. The original, release in 1984 when I was only 4, is so good... seriously in my top 10 movies of all time good. But, being that it was the 80's it was slightly cheesy. But with future stars Kevin Bacon, Sarah Jessica Parker and the late Chris Penn, it was pure box office gold. I was a little put off by the thought of a remake, I really wish they would leave these movies alone, especially with thoughts that Chace Crawford or Zan Efron would play the leading role Ren McCormack. But in the end they went with relatively unknown Kenny Wormald, which I must say was a fantastic choice. Pair Kenny up with the awesome and beautiful Julianne Hough and you have dance movie gold!

The storyline in the remake is pretty close to the original... ban on dancing, came to live with aunt and uncle, etc. There are slight story changes, that were good for the story and actually flowed better than the original. in the remake, Ren is from Boston, not Chicago, his mother did not accompany him, his uncle is not a jerk (I actually liked him in this one), and of course derby bus racing instead of tractor chicken. but, I do love how Ariel's mother, played by Andy McDowell, speaks up and has a voice.

I loved that they kept signature lines, clothes and characters. The music is essentially the same, just updated with current artists. I am not a fan of the new music, especially Blake Shelton's "Footloose" remake. The character of Willard, originally played by the late Chris Penn, stole the show as did Chris in 1984. I was not impressed with the selection of Rusty. Sarah Jessica Parker did not have a cheesy country accent in the original, not like Lori Singer (original Ariel), so I am not sure why she has this unnatural thick accent that is so annoying!

I could  watch this movie again and again, like the original. Rotten Tomatoes has this movie at 71% positive, I give it a B+! If you are looking for a cute movie, with fun music and low expectations for acting, then check out this movie because it will lift up your spirits and make you want to cut loose and dance!

And the final movie is Real Steel. This movie was my hubby's choice, so I went with it as it was his turn to choose. It was better than I expected, a little predictable in some parts, but still over all a good movie. Real Steel is set in the near future where robot boxing has taken the place of real life boxing. Charlie Kenton, played by sexy Hugh Jackman, is a former boxer who now builds and fights robots, with the help from his "friend" Bailey Tallet, played by Evangeline Lilly, who owns the boxing gym where she and Charlie build and work on the robots.

Charlie is down on his luck, owes money to more people he can afford to pay, when he is notified that he is now the sole guardian for his 11 year old son Max. Max's mother past away and is now being left in the care of his reluctant father Charlie. Charlie is ready to sign over Max to his aunt and her rich, old husband. But Charlie sees a chance to earn a quick $50,000, but keeping Max for the summer when the aunt and uncle travel Europe. After Charlie demolishes his last bot he and Max brake in to a steel yard for robot parts. In this steel yard, Mac discovers Atom, a sparring bot, that he feels a connection to and wants to save, against Charlie's wishes.

After rescuing Atom and cleaning him up, Max insists on getting him a fight. Charlie gets him a fight and from there the father and son duo hit the road with Atom, all the way to the pro robot championship. Rotten Tomatoes has this movie at 60% positive, I give it a C+. This a good family friendly movie, I only wish we would have brought our boys to see this, as I am sure they both would have loved it. 

So I have given you three options... what will you see? Or, what have you seen? I am always looking for good movies to see... Up next, I think I might see Ides of March... anyone seen it?

XO Shannon

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