Thursday, December 1, 2011

theBalm Nude 'Tude

I recently watched a video by Temptalia on theBalm Cosmetics Nude 'Tude palette. I am such a sucker for nude shadow palettes and when I saw this one I immediately thought I HAVE to have it! So, luckily it was the week of Black Friday and they were offering 40% off your purchase. It is priced at $36, but with my 40% off it only ended up being $21.60 and I chose the free shipping. With the free shipping, I ordered Friday, around noon, and it mailed out on Tuesday and I received it on Thursday. To me that is not bad, for free shipping.

Now on to my review... The packaging is similar to Urban Decay's Naked palette and Sigma's palettes, but a lot thinner! In the palette you get 12 eye shadows, 4 matte and 8 shimmer or metallic finish. TheBalm is a makeup company I was not at all familiar with until coming across Temptalia on YouTube. She reviewed their Muppet palette, which was highly limited edition and I didn't want to fight for, and I really loved the quality of the shadow and the color payoff.

Back of the package

The inside
In the palette you get a frosty white, gold, peach and champagne. You also get a matte brown, black, burgundy and brown/black. Then you get some shimmery browns.

The shadows all have a "S" name and there are 2 versions of the palette, "Naughty" and "Nice". Both versions include the same shadows and exterior packaging. The only difference is that the "Naughty", the version I purchased, has naked ladies with the shadows covering there intimate places. The Nice version has the same exterior picture on the inside, with the shadows and the names.

So far I am liking this band and their eye products. I have not tried anything other than their face products, but I think I may try out some of their blushes. I am also looking forward to their new palette, "TheBalm and the Beautiful", which is the same as their Muppet palette, with new shadow names and pictures for the packaging, By the title, you can tell it is soap opera themed.

I am loving theBalm, have you used them? What would you recommend? Until next time XOXO

XO Shannon

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