Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Products from Sigma - February 2013

Sigma has been on a roll, first with their launch of individual eyeshadows from their popular palettes and brow products from their brow palette, and now eyeshadow bases!

These eyeshadow bases were designed to compliment their Dare, Bare and Flare palettes and can be purchased in their sets with a brush or individually. The sets contain 3 bases and a brush for $36 or individually for $13 - which is a great deal I think!

Dare, Flare, Bare

I plan to purchase the Bare set and Spy right away! Spy is this gorgeous duo chrome base that I've never seen anything like before! I truly want them all... but baby steps!

Use the February 2013 discount code BASE2013 to save 10%!

Until next time XO

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