Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: MAC In Extra Dimension April 2013

MAC has launched a new collection (surprise, surprise) and it is another extra dimension collection. I really liked the first collection released in 2012, which included extra dimension highlighters and eye shadows, and then shadows and highlighters that were released in the holiday 2012 collection So, needless to say I was thoroughly excited to see a new collection of eye shadows, highlighters and blushes!!!
Blushes have never been a part of the extra dimension lineup, so that was the first thing that caught my eye! I picked up 2 blushes and one highlighter from the collection... although, there were some eye shadows that caught my eye.
This collection included 3 extra dimension skinfinishes (highlighters), 5 blushes, and 6 eye shadows. The highlighters in this collection are slightly different than the previous high lighters released, as in they are two-toned and when blended together are amazing. The blushes in this collection are gorgeous, they are matte and have no shimmer/sparkle in them - which is A OK for me.

So the only extra dimension skinfinish I picked up was "Definitely Defined" and is a silvery pink and soft rose with shimmer. It is so gorgeous and I wish they carried these in their permanent line up. They add just the right amount of shimmer or glow, without packing on the glitter.
Price: $30

(No Flash) L-R: Blended, Light, Dark
(Flash) L-R: Blended, Light, Dark
The two blushes I picked up were "Blazing Haute" and "Fiery Impact". "Blazing Haute" is a dirty peach and "Fiery Impact" is a burnt red bronze. I was not initially drawn to "Fiery Impact" based on pictures I had seen online, but when I saw it in person I was in love. I was going to pick up "Flaming Chic" and "Bareness", but when I got my hands on them I just didn't like them as much.
Price: $25
Blazing Haute

Fiery Impact 

Top to Bottom: Fiery Impact, Blazing Haute
I recently went in to MAC to pick some items from the collection that just release, "Baking Beauties", and I took the time to swatch the eye shadows so I think I might pick up two of the eye shadows. When I went in to pic up my Extra Dimension items I was on a one track mission, so I didnt pay the eye shaodws any attention.

Did you pick anything up from this collection? I know I get excited any time "Extra Dimension" comes  to MAC. Until next time,

XO Shannon

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